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2010-04-18 00:38:58 by reven117

no one has scouted me yet so im going to stop making anymore art. it sucks to cuz just becuz i cant afford a digtal pad no one will look at my drawings.


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2010-04-18 00:42:06

don't worry
it's not because you DON'T have a digital pad or some expensive program for the digital arts
it just sucks overall

reven117 responds:

You my sir are a fucktard. no but really yo have a pretty damn strong down set on my work why


2010-04-18 00:50:02


reven117 responds:

yes why are yo so negitive to my work i can see why it would be critisized but have you even looked at all of my peices?


2010-04-18 00:58:41

i have, but they all look like the same with simple lil scribbles on binder paper, mind explaining what you were trying to get at?

reven117 responds:

oh well you just awnsered my qeustion an what i was getting at. for the time being all can use is binder paper and pen its all i have and right now i have no money as im still in school and have no jobe and cant even find a place hiring


2010-04-18 01:17:24

pen and paper can be just as good as anything else, what should be the most important is how to make your art look interesting for your audience, really, you can make art with about everything and anything

reven117 responds:

yeah i know but what the hell appeals to people these days


2010-04-18 01:22:50

too many things, why don't you go keep experimenting and practicing with your drawing skills and find out?

reven117 responds:

alright i need to learn how to draw ppl and details really bad though fuck


2010-04-18 01:27:14

oh that's easy
just go around on google, copying photos of REAL people
drawing them in your little sketchbooks, studying the anatomy,
looking at little anatomy tutorials on the web, copying, copying, copying photos until you've learned how to draw it yourself without references, your own way

reven117 responds:

kewl thanks ill give it a try.


2010-04-18 01:30:15



2010-07-20 04:19:37

I draw with a mouse, You don't need a digital pad.


2010-08-09 21:06:19

you have autism


2010-08-09 21:07:25

I dont think drawing shitty sketches on spiral notebook constitutes as art.


2010-08-09 21:07:57

No art peripheral can help your ass now. It's called skill, either that or taking the time to learn how to not draw shit.


2010-08-09 21:10:52

Picaso should cry


2010-09-13 20:53:21

Let me teach you the ways of photoshop and flash and drawing

Seriously I can get you those free just PM me